Condoms Are Healthy

Ride With Care

However you meet, the ball is in your court if you’re always prepared for a hookup. Check out our list of locations around York Region and Durham Region where you can score free condoms and lube that you can keep for whenever you want to play.

It can be difficult to bring up the topic of condom use in the heat of the moment so here are some ways you can let your partner know before things get that far:

General tips:

  • Check the expiry dates! Every condom has an expiry date printed on the wrapper. Make sure to use them before they expire.
  • Replace them as you use them
  • Using water-based lube on the outside condoms makes them more comfortable and prevents breakage. Don’t use oil-based lubes as they will damage the condom.
  • Store them somewhere accessible and keep them cool and out of direct sunlight so that they don’t become damaged. If you’re carrying condoms on you, try to keep them somewhere they won’t be folded or damaged.
  • Keep non-latex (polyisoprene) and large condoms on hand because you never know who you might bring home.
  • Keep more than one on hand, it’s easy to accidentally rip them when opening the package.
  • There are a lot of types of condoms, how many have you tried? Being comfortable with different types of condoms makes it easier to talk about them.

Hooking up online:

  • When you’re chatting online about what type of sex you want to have, also talk about when you expect you or your partner to be wearing a condom.
  • Clarify which person is responsible for supplying the condoms and lube before you meet.
  • Bring your own condoms and lube even if they say they have them; sometimes people don’t realize they’ve run out.
  • Tell your partner about a kind of condom you’ve wanted to try. (Ribbed, studded, flavoured, insertive, etc.)

At a bar:

  • If you’re at a bar where free condoms are offered, point them out and make sure to take some before you leave.
  • If you’re going home with someone, ask if they have condoms at their place and suggest grabbing some at a convenience store.

At their place:

  • If you can’t see them out, ask where they keep their condoms.
  • Keep your condoms close by so when the action starts it won’t have to stop.